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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Passive Voice

Passive Voice
A.      The office is cleaned everyday
The office was cleaned everyday
Compare active and passive:
Somebody cleans the office everyday                   [active]
The office is cleaned everyday                                  [passive]
Somebody cleaned the office everyday                                [active]
The office was cleaned yesterday                            [passive]
B.      The passive is:
Present simple
Past simple
Am/is/are/wa/were [not] + cleaned, invented, injured, done, taken, built, etc.
The past participle of regular verbs is –ed [cleaned/damaged, etc].

For a list f irregular past participles [done/built/taken, etc]
·         Butter is made of milk.
·         Oranges are imported into Britain.
·         How often are these rooms cleaned?
·         This house was built 100 years ago.
·         These houses were built 100 years ago.
·         When was the telephone invented?
·         We weren’t invited to the party last week.
·         Was anybody injured in the accident? Yes, two people were taken to hospital.
C.      Was/were born
·         I was born in London in 1962 [not I’m born]
·         Where were you born?
D.      Passive + by …
·         We were woken up by a loud noise. (= the noise woke us up)
·         The telephone was invented by Alexander Bell in 1876.
·         My brother was bitten by a dog last week.

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