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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pros Cons Fatwa Haram oil prices

Along with the development of mass media coverage, many cases were sticking on the surface of one of them is interesting for the analysis is the case of Pro Cons Fatwa Haram oil prices.
Fatwa about the use of subsidized fuel to the fore after the MUI member Ma'ruf Amin conduct hearings with the Ministry of Energy on Tuesday 28 July 2011. This instantly makes the people of Indonesia immediately be shocked, because this discourse hingarbingarnya muncuat amid news of Mafia cases in our country. This makes munculannya opinion about the pros and cons of public discourse these subsidized fuel fatwa haram. However, MUI Chairman Amidhan Kiai Haji, said he had not yet decided to issue a fatwa unlawful use of fuel oil (BBM) subsidy for the rich. In fact, the MUI had not finished reviewing the plan issued a fatwa ruling subsidized fuel for the rich man. Anyway it's just a discourse is far from the name of the fatwa, let's go to the commission only in the MUI fatwa and the process takes a long time.

Although it is now just a discourse, but preaching in the media have been very large, much argument about the pros and cons of this discourse, both by politicians, economists, scholars of religion and society awampun participate arguments. Religious scholars who are members of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) said that people who are able but still buy the subsidized fuel is sinful because the subsidized fuel has been set for those who can not afford. While we are enjoying the tough reality that subsidies are the ones who can afford. Means they have taken the right people who can not afford when they are not entitled to wear the right people who can not afford it.
Government policy on fuel
Should the government take a policy that should be right on target. Well, that so the issue now is whether the government's target to provide subsidy on fuel?
The Government has determined that the targeted subsidies are people who can not afford, and people who can not have given a subsidy. This is very clearly visible on the difference between fuel prices are subsidized by non-subsidized. And the consequences of this policy is away price differences between the two, so people tend to run to the lowest price, as well as with people considered capable, they will also enjoy subsidized fuel because the price is much more affordable. Well, with so rations that have been established for people who are not able to earlier certainly reduced, so the government is likely to increase the subsidies anymore, because the rations which had been taken by people who are capable of. As a result funding for the addition of this subsidy is taken from other social funds.
How to respond to oil and gas analyst in this case?
As someone who understands the field of oil and gas, of course they are not to be outdone in expressing his argument about the fatwa discourses subsidized fuel. Kurtobi, was one of the oil and gas analysts disagree about the fatwa. He said that Indonesia is a state oil and gas producing countries. Then we also have Article 33 UUD 1945 whose content is whatever is mandated in the bowels of the earth, including oil. And this must be utilized fully for the prosperity of the people. He also emphasized that Indonesia remains a country along the oil producing countries and the above article still exists, then the fuel price policy in Indonesia should aim for the prosperity of the people.
In addition, fuel prices are set by the government against the people of Indonesia must be below the market price, because in accordance with the Constitutional Court ruling of 2004 stated repeal Article 28 of the Oil and Gas Law No. 22 of 2001 which states that the price of fuel delivered to the market price. So it is not oil and gas analysts agree with the fatwa, they said that the rich or the poor people of Indonesia and the right still has the set of clauses contained in the 1945 Constitution.
Reporting on this case in the show by the media is packaged in such a way as to make headlines in various media. The media also presents a viewpoint different from the case, featuring the opinions state that plays an important role as government, chairman of the MUI, oil analysts and even some that show public opinion.
• If we analyze this case according to the 9 elements of journalism by Bill Kovach, then:
Of the cases reporting on discourse fatwa subsidized fuel for people who can be seen here insans press makes this news exciting and relevant means of media crews are trying to find news relevant to social life, economy and politics today. Moreover, this news can make his readers captivated by the news that is given. News about the fuel that is very sensitive to the people because the fuel has a profound influence in the economic life of the community to make this proclamation be used as a public forum other than that as they always monitor the insane power of the press / policy which is set so that the media's role in preaching as mouthpiece of the people. but in this case the press strongly in maintaining the verification can be seen from the news about the fatwa subsidized fuel is the media taking data and facts and opinions of the parties concerned and have an important role. Although many opinions circulating but insans the press must remain independent (neutral) so as the party was in the middle, insane retain public confidence in the press as the party that gave priority to the truth. Preaching is shown to be proportional and discussed in depth look of each party are the pros and cons explain the guidelines and hold their own as well as this case continues on the monitor resolution. And most importantly in this case the news media still wearing conscience in making the news because neither party terpojokkan here.
• triangular relationship between politicians, media, and society
Politicians are the elite in the government, all governments committed to policies is affecting people, affecting social life, economic and political subjects. So the media here put themselves as a liaison between government and society. According to Denis McQuail in his theory of mass communication, the media has an important function in life is sustained by the following proposition:
- The media is a source of strength, controversial tool, management, and innovation in a society that can be utilized as a power or other resources. If we see in the above case has occupied the role of the media control the government's policy towards the people and is a strength that stands on the truth.
- Media is the site (or forum) that increasingly play a role, to display the events of community life, both national and international level. Starting from just greeting MUI members who express their opinions and media he tried to show by taking the viewpoint according to the news media is finally tercuat everywhere.
And here are the most affected communities. Those who obtain information from the media can perform actions on policies established by the government. In this case the people who become party to watch this struggle through the media of course will be provoked to the pros or cons about this fatwa Haran subsidized fuel, then if any of the government policy that will harm the people, certainly people are not only silent in front of the media, they also can perform actions that either support or oppose government policies.
So basically the theory of communication relationships between government, society and the media have a dependency relationship of the call with the media dependency theory is between the government and society. The media are in middle position with funbgsi he already has. And the government is also urgently need the media to the dissemination of information be it on policies, regulations and others to the community. The community also desperately need the media to as a liaison to the government. That this medium is usually known as a mouthpiece for the people.
Moreover, in this case I see a bit of media agenda setting, which is where the news comes as television screens and newspaper pages filled with mafia news, be it the mafia hkum, tax mafia, mob justice and others. Suddenly warm again this nation mafia news then came the news discourse fatwa subsidized fuel. It instantly made me think about setting the agenda. Coupled with the statement that MUI is a person who delivered the discourse was only saying that it's just his personal opinion just happens to journalists who asked him about it so he replied in his opinion. Well, it turns out the media exaggerate the discourse is to make the news the other slightly shifted its position in the show coverage.

From this case, the writer tries to write an appropriate solution to deal with this case.
• For the government,


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