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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


  1. Stranded: left in an area with no way out, except walking.
  2. Desert: large, hot, open area without water or trees.
  3. Camper: van or truck equipped for sleeping.
  4. (To) Break down: stop working, in need of repair.
  5. Traffic: cars, trucks, etc. travelling on a road.
  6. Solution: answer to a problem.
  7. (To) Calculate: estimate or find out by eorking with umbers.
  8. Intense: high in degree, as heat.
  9. Mess kit: utensils for cooking and eating in a small pack.
  10. Powdered milk: dried milk to which water is added for drinking.
  11. Canteen: metal container for water.
  12. Flare: device for makinga flaming light, used as a signal at night.
  13. Firs-aid kit: small box containing emergency medical items.
  14. Insect repellent: chemical used to keep insects away.
  15. Flare gun: instrument to shoot a flare into the air.
  16. Flashlight: battery-powerd light.
  17. Thermos: special container to keep liquids hor or cold.
  18. Compass: instrument for finding directions.
  19. Equipment: utensils, tools needed for a purpose.
  20. Sun screen lotion: liquid to protect the skin from the sun.

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