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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Communication is the process of sharing meaning through verbal and non verbal behavior. Verbal communication behaviors are expressed by words, words, sentences written. Non verbal communication is expressed through gesture or symbol. 

By studying the socio-cultural communication is expected to: a. How did the understanding of cultural differences affect communication practices. b. identify the difficulties that arise in intercultural communication. c. enhance verbal and nonverbal skills to communicate within. d. make us able to communicate effectively. 

To be able to communicate effectively is required: 1. ability to understand the meaning of verbal and nonverbal messages 2. ability to adapt to the culture of the relevant 3. cultural understanding is an attempt to communicate effectively 

Intercultural communication is very important for an educator in teaching and learning activities, as in the classroom there is sharing of cultural backgrounds owned by the participant students. In order for the delivery of course material will be easier diterim by learners. 

The process of communication education include: 1. ongoing two-way communication 2. horizontal communication 3. each individual has a social and cultural values ​​and the right to use those values 4. each individual has different interests and abilities 5. situation is not static communication between budya 7. communication should have clear objectives 8. have appropriate communication strategies for effective measure in the target dn 9. variation in the use of methods / techniques presenting 

Communication between people is one with another yng called interpersonal communication. Foktof that affect interpersonal communication: a. situsional factor - Verbal descriptions of verbal information about the person you are communicating with us - The use of spacing instructions proksemikyaitu dlam berkomunukasi - Instructions kinesik the movement of people who communicate with us - Facial or facial clues - Instructions paralimguistik the way people pronounce bagimana - The instructions are all kinds of artifactual appearance 

b. personal factors - Level of education - Age - Gender 

In communicating a person will experience are: 1. sensation 2. perception 3. Memory 4. think 

Sensation is the process of capturing stimuly. ialh perception of the process of giving meaning to the sensations in order to obtain knowledge. Memory is a memory system that could suppress the facts and can be used to guide human behavior. Thinking is a process of understanding reality in rngka draw conclusions and solve problems and generate new things.

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